Douglas Florian, Dawn Thieves

The last few times I saw Douglas Florian’s work, he was painting in acrylic on brown paper bags. The paper was not the most archival ground * but the paint had a chromatic richness that elevated the modest material. And the images, fluidly organic and not a little quirky, were a joy.
In Florian’s recent work the images have lost none of their uniqueness, but the materials are now in it for the long haul: oil on panel. It’s a beautiful transition. The color is still largely dry and flat, now fabulously textured, and highly chromatic thanks to Florian’s propensity toward complementary hues. As before, the works are modestly sized–larger than miniatures but not bombastically overblown. Installed in a row at eye level, they are the right height and size for you to stand close and embrace each one visually. From a distance with their lapis, jade and turquoise hues, they suggest nothing so much as a string of gemstones.




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