The Art of Thrifting

Follow FACTOR mag’s editors to a thrift shop for an interesting treasure hunt that will teach you the art of thrifting!

Thrifting has recently rose to fame, in recessionary times like this I guess even the wealthiest are on the hunt for a bargain.  But besides the incredible bargains that thrifting can offer, thrifting offers unique style that you literally can get no where else.   Those who have had a love affair with the latter will tell you that thrifting is more than just about the deals, its about the fashion.  Only at a thrift store can you find pieces that are of collections past, have truly been worn in and have a character all their own. In this introductory video to the art of the thrifting, our editors take you on a journey from start to finish on how to find a piece, alter it to your needs and perfectly mesh into your wardrobe.



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