Founded in 2012 by a young woman in the throes of 5 college classes, arduous work and an exciting internship; FACTOR Magazine is a modern magazine for a modern renaissance woman.  FACTOR is that busy intersection where fashion, art and culture collide; covering all of the hottest topics and trends in each area.  Through expert contributors and meticulous coverage selection, FACTOR will have you immersed in its digital pages.  Add the missing FACTOR to your life.


Meet Our Editor in Chief:

Vanessa Rivera, founder and editor-in-chief of FACTOR started the magazine while a senior in college as a class project.  Fascinated by the fashion and art world as a child, Vanessa grew up dreaming of a career in  either field.  Armed with incredible drive and pockets of creativity, Vanessa created the magazine as a way to practice for her future dream career.  At first, FACTOR seemed like a big undertaking for a young women still in college, on a major budget and with little webpage skills, but realizing that it’s better to try and fail, than to not try at all, Vanessa took on the challenge.  She recruited her friends to help with modeling, styling, and production assistantance and soon enough an online magazine began to take form.  Still, learning, creating and experimenting, FACTOR has become the training grounds for Vanessa, allowing her to find her vision and express it too.